Get ready for an audition and a performance


Night before audition
Pack song book/ Head shot and CV– just in case u need it – prepare audition clothes
Work voice day before audition
Plan your journey and travelling time
Early night & don’t talk too much
Eat early so you can digest your food and avoid acid reflux etc

Day of audition                                                                                                                               Have a steamy shower to help hydrate the folds
Gentle stretch for 10 min Hum and sirening over midrange + 10min singing exercises
Save your voice for audition
Drink plenty of water – takes 2hrs to hydrate vocal folds
Eat a healthy meal 2 hrs before – u need fuel

Young Thug ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls.’

This is great news; Melissa Sarah Griffiths has trained hard and now is No 1 on Apple Music -thanks to her dedication and talent – wonderful vocals.


‘It isn’t every day you go from your small West London town to recording in the studio with one of the brightest stars from Atlanta. For 23-year-old singer Melissa Sarah Griffiths, better known as Millie Go Lightly, a coincidence with a shared beat landed her on Young Thug’s “singing album,” Beautiful Thugger Girls.’

You can download Beautiful Thugger Girls now on iTunes or stream it on Apple Music